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Austin Real Estate Market for 2020 and Beyond

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2020 will be an exciting and challenging year for real estate investors. If you are pondering about trying your hand at real estate investing, Austin real estate is the perfect choice for 2020. The Emerging Trends in Real Estate 2020 forecast published by Price Waterhouse Coopers (PWC) has ranked Austin on the top for real estate prospects and investor demand in 2020.

The Emerging Trends study 2020 has highlighted some important factors for Austin's growth. The salient features highlighted in the study are ‘Austin’s deep talent pool, ambitious commitment to business and real estate expansion, and its unique and popular lifestyle captured by its slogan: Keep Austin Weird’.

A solid “buy" for 2020

The Emerging Trends study has considered Austin a solid “buy” for industrial, offices, and apartments for the coming year. Austin offers a perfect blend of sizzling opportunities and great lifestyle that continues to attract companies and people looking to make a move to a new city. Let’s take a closer look why Austin real estate investing is a big yes for you.

  1. Throughout the country, jobs are becoming more and more concentrated in big markets and that’s true in Austin as well.

  2. There is an overall low tax burden on investors. Austin has an investor-friendly regulatory environment with low tax rates.

  3. There is a positive demographic momentum in Austin. The current and expected future population growth is above the national average.

The Austin Real Estate Market Will Enjoy Strong Rental Demand

With a high proportion of renters (55%), Austin has over 517,000 residents who rent rather than own a home. This trend of increase in rental demand will continue to grow and there are multiple factors working here.

  1. As the population continues to increase, this number will grow up in 2020 and beyond. This trend of rapid growing populations will lead to more demand for houses.

  2. One of the intangible factor is the well documented quality of life provided by the city.

  3. It’s a landlord friendly city. Austin, Texas does not let tenants withhold rent for failure to provide essential services.

Apple Campus in Austin

Apple Inc. has begin construction of it’s new Austin Campus. This is a 3 million square foot campus, worth $1 billion, that will house 5000 employees with a future capacity to grow to 15,000. This will make Apple Inc. the largest private employer in Austin. In addition to offices, the new campus will also include restaurants, gym and wellness centre. Now these 5000 employees will all need a place to live, as will their families, the construction workers building the campus, and campus staff.

The job growth we will see in recent years will definitely give a robust demand for housing in Austin. This huge jump in job market will shape the trajectory of real estate in Austin and guarantees capital gains for those who buy property in the city.

Austin is a leader across the country with a great job market. This is complimented with excellent tax environment and landlord friendly regulations, making it ideal for buying a house or rent it out. Positive demographic momentum of Austin makes it a real estate market that makes others envy. Have you thought about investing in the Austin real estate market? If so, then go ahead and do it.

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