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Adriana grew up in North Austin and lived in Austin most of her life, however she moved to Houston in 2008 for a job as an executive assistant for a land development company. This job developed her interest in real estate and the business side of it. She has lived in north, south, west, east, and downtown Austin so is very familiar with all parts of it. In 2012 she began to make her move back to Austin and decided to get her real estate license to see where it would take her. 

She automatically started working with investors in both Austin and Houston and worked apartment locating on the side. Adriana taught herself everything she knows in commercial real estate, residential, and leasing. She quickly closed on an apartment complex for an investor and was excited to keep learning. Her investors from six years ago continue to use her services to this day because they know she will work hard to get them the best deals and is always readily available. Focused on customer service first, she wants to provide the best residential and commercial real estate services to her clients so they continue to come back.

On her free time Adriana enjoys spending time with friends, she loves a nice glass of wine, cooking for friends and family, going on hikes, spending time with her nephew, spending time in the gym or practicing yoga, meeting new people, giving back to the community through charities, spending time on the racing track, and reading books about business. She has an entrepreneurial mentality and lifestyle and is going to continue to expand her business in real estate, but also business related to health and food, exotic auto consulting, e-commerce, and blogging.

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